Mistress Sabrina

I am a chastity key holder and will make you squirm with the desire to be released. Find me on my website at http://www.sabrinas-lockup.co.uk


About mistresssabrina

I offer a chastity key holding service for all slaves out there who I feel are worthy
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42 Responses to Mistress Sabrina

  1. Nice to see my slaves show some respect and make some nice comments here

    • Mistress sabrina says:

      Its Valentines day coming up my slutty slaves….show your gratitude for me, for taking control over those tiny puny little maggot dicks I have locked up and have under my control….OR YOU MIGHT GET A LONGER SENTENCE. πŸ˜‰

      • Suzy says:

        its a special day for mistress,
        valentines dont you know!
        now everyone praise mistress
        or the punishments, they will flow!

        oh achland!, aphrodite!
        freya! and venus!
        you will never turn my head,
        never come between us!

        for she is my mistress
        my life and my breath,
        always she will be with me
        in life and in death.

        black boots of leather
        crush more then my soul,
        hazel eyes soften gently
        as slavery takes it’s toll.

        boudries pushed with no sermon,
        for compassion is Mistress Sabrina.
        This slave counts saved for one,
        Deus ex machina

        one more verse for the goddess
        as i run my last mile.
        my all for my mistress,
        to just see her smile.

        Suzy xxx

  2. paula says:

    hello Mistress Sabrina, im very much looking forward to the lock arriving so you can chastise me, i know im gonna love the following week locked up, your pathetic slave paula

  3. Andy says:

    Devilish, beautiful and intelligent.

    Sabrina WILL make it unforgettable and have you begging for more!

  4. Judy says:

    I justed wanted to tell you how great you have been this last month. You kept me locked in, and even though I had a wobble you helped me stick to my commitment.
    The feeling when you took off my cage was something I cannot have imagined, and to have you watch me unload my built up cum made me the luckiest slave ever.
    Thanks Mistress – I only hope I can be as good a slave this month. Judy

  5. milton says:

    After viewing Mistresses website and reading Her slaves comments the temptation to beg to be see if i could be worthy of Chastity controled by Mistress Sabrina is overwhelming…..

    • Suzy says:

      Give into temptation Milton, you wont regret it. Well you will, but in a good way πŸ™‚

      • milton says:

        it has been suggested to me that i ‘grow some balls’ and have the worry of indecision taken away …..now i wonder who could have been so deliciously humiliating and perceptive at the same time in saying that?……lol

  6. pj says:

    Oh to be locked,shame i dont live nearer Mistress

    • Suzy says:

      Dont let that stop you PJ, you can be locked up and under Mistress’ control without leaving your bedroom. Go for it dude!

  7. Andy Barned says:

    Your hubbie is the luckiest man alive!

    Well the second to be honest, Steve is cause he gets to do what your hubbie can’t!

    • Suzy says:

      I dont know Andy, i still think hubbie is the luckiest man alive. Steve just gets to vist, Hubbie get to be slaved out 24/7. Every waking moment spent servicing a goddess like Mistress Sabrina….gurgle, splutter, drooooool. Who here wouldnt give up penetrative sex for that? dosnt mistress deserve good bull cock that slaves cant provide when she needs it?
      besides, they say a blind man will develop better hearing and other senses to compensate. A chastised slave….well lets just say my money is on hubbie being able to use his mouth and fingers like a god damn virtuoso flute player. lets see you do that Steve…
      Hubbie, for those slaves that can only dream of reaching your dizzying hights, WE SALUTE YOU!

  8. slave Janet says:

    Yesteday I have my first cam2cam with Mistress Sabrina,good looking Mistress in control from start to end, I get my last wank, and now I are under Mistress Sabrinas control, it was new to me lick up after wank, Mistress want!!!!!. I do, I have also get new name, slave Janet I like my new name,Thanks Mistress,slave Janet is very happy that she just find your homeside , this hot fishnet feet in nice heeels,O yes, it is a dream to kiss Thanks Mistress Sabrina for take me to your slave. Janet.

    • slave Janet says:

      Thanks Mistress Sabrine, this nigth have be yours total I sleep little and wake up with hurt in cage 10 times ,all new from you yesteday, was to hot for me,I like this way, I will be a good slave girl to Mistress, Thanks from Janet

      • slaveJanet says:

        Yhanks Mistress Sabrina One more night i yours power , the best with chastity is orgasme, I have play with this cage from time to time,now Mistress play with it nonstop,its hurt its hurt,Thanks Mistress Sabrina fron slave Janet

  9. Suzy says:

    is everybody sitting comfortably? then ill begin.

    If your reading this then you have probably been trawling the internet looking for a keyholder and associated naughtiness without much luck. well you can stop looking now, you have found your perfect chastity partner.

    Unlike most keyholders, mistress Sabrina is not just another profile on a website, she runs a professional keyholder service from her website, the only one of its kind that ive ever found.

    Dont even even own a chastity belt but been lurking around these sites? Shes the lady for you.
    – drop her a line, be straight and open and youll get a straight and open response (if your lucky!) Mistress is perceptive, adaptable and patient enough for even the most skittish newbie (like me!)

    into chastity but no one to play with? Shes the lady for you.
    – think you cant join in because your not in the Manchester area? i dont even live in the U.K. and Mistress Sabrina owns my caged cock! Mistress is intelligent, imaginative and drop dead gorgeous. ive never met her in person but shes all i think about. all day, everyday…

    spent the last five years in a Neosteal crotch-buster with marlin spike dildo and mains adapter?
    -Well….. fair play to you, you crazy deviant πŸ™‚

    Honestly, cant recommend Mistress Sabrina enough. Stop lurking, be brave, drop her a line, become a chastity slave. How can you go wrong?

  10. paul says:

    Mistress Sabrina locked me up tonight, she owned me before i was locked up even more now!! mistress is totally in control now!! but this what i asked for, slave paula

  11. paula says:

    mistress Sabrina has put me under contract for two months, has total control over me now,i did ask mistress to put under contract, won’t ed to be under contract for a long time, thank you mistress so much!!! your slave paula

  12. Suzy says:

    Gosh everyone’s gone very quiet here lately.
    Lucky Slaves that we are, Mistress Sabrina owns us all and its our duty to make sure her blog dosnt become inactive. Whatever will any visitors think!

    Suzy is (deliciously slowly) approaching her two week mark under Mistress Sabrina’s control. Since starting she has gone from being nervous about taking a single photo of her caged maggot for Mistress as evidence, to filming herself riding a giant rubber cock in chastity and lingerie just to feebly provide Mistress with some passing entertainment. it’s a good job i dont live in Manchester near Mistress or id be on my knees blowing the postman for Mistress after a Month! Thats how efficient this Lady is at getting under your skin.

    Suzy cant be the only one thats having a mind blowing experience with Mistress so fess up bitches, weekly up-dates at least!

    If you are just lurking, throw down! If not myself, then another of Mistress’ chastised slaves will answer.
    (may take a day or so, we are all being turned into chastity slut slaves here by Mistress Sabrina. it can eat into your day!)

    Hope your all having a good one and remember slaves, with no power comes no responsibility. (Other then to make Mistress Sabrina happy of course)

    Suzy xxx

  13. Suzy says:

    Its been almost a week bitches and no reports from anyone!

    Suzy is most disapointed. Who the hell does Suzy think she is saying such a thing?
    She thinks she’s the only one here thats remembered how lucky she is to be under Mistress Sabrina’s lock and key…
    come on slave Jannet and Paula, i was enjoying your posts πŸ™‚

    hope you have all had an exquistely torturous week, now tell us about it!


  14. Mistress sabrina says:

    Suzy seems to be the only slut slave on here that is being obedient, the rest of you maggot dick pussy slaves are really making your mistress very angry, I will not tolerate a lazy slave, and severe punishments will be given to those who offend me…I want you miserable little maggots to put your mistress on a pedestal and praise and worship me through this site as well as e-mails. Do not think your mistress will be lenient with you offenders, as I am already planning your demise, and you deserve everything you get.

    • Suzy says:

      I tried to warn you girls…..

      Suzy is certainly not immune from a stinging from Mistress but would never invite it on purpose, do have you any idea who your dealing with here?

      This is Mistress Sabrina, remember? They only person in the world with the power to decide if you ever cum again, even once, the rest of your life!

      Suzy is barely breaking even with Mistress and im doing what im told! Beg for mercy while you still can bitches!

      And Remember now, all slaves have to start at the bottom…..and lick it!

  15. paula says:

    mistress Sabrina, has locked me in for a whole month & has the keys, mistress is in total control & owns me 100%!! mistress is very very very strict with me, but i love it that way!!! your obainet slave paula

  16. Suzy says:

    My goodness,

    what does a girl have to do to get a nice comment about her here. The things she has done for you, the ideas she has put in your head, the way she gets your maggot twitching and yet…

    STILL no nice new words about mistress?, dear god people, get it together.
    If suzy can splay herself over the site as a little thank you to Mistress Sabrina for just being who she is, you, YES YOU! , can post a little comment every now and again, surely?

    As for suzy, is there absolutly NO ONE here but Mistress Sabrina that likes suzy’s picture stories?

    if thats the case, then perhaps suzy will only give her fourth, most depraved, sluttiest cap set yet to mistress alone, since she’s the only one encuraging suzy.

    then all you quiet types will never know what depths suzy will throw herself into, in the hope of providing mistress with a little stimulation…..

    suzy will take your silence to mean you dont want to know what mistress can turn suzy into next….

    Im serious bitches,
    just a few posts thanking mistress for all her hard work and then i promise i will stop calling you bitches πŸ™‚

    Suzy xxx

  17. paula says:

    hi suzy, love you page mistress sabrinas website, mistress really has got under lock & key, don’t know what she’s got in store for me? slave paula

    • Suzy says:

      Hi there!,

      Paula you have just become my favourite other slave in Mistress’ stable as your the first other slave to post some nice words about mistress in some time!

      Suzy was beginning to think she was all alone here in her awe for Mistress!

      Thank you for your kind words about Suzy’s photo stories (blush), theres a forth one on the way but there are no guarantees it will be good enough to make it onto Mistress’ site. Suzy is trying everything she can think of to top the last one, but it was pretty slutty so its hard work!

      Suzy only makes them in a feeble attempt to stimulate mistress as suzy is a worthless, useless slave in many ways. unable to entertain Mistress’ as she deserves, so she does what she can.

      Anyway, dont be shy paula. its good to know there are others like Suzy out there just blown away that Mistress even gives us the time of day!

      Suzy xxx

  18. Suzy says:


    Still nobody out there? Oh well Suzy will continue to post in the hope some passerby will drop in and post a few nice words about Mistress.

    Suzy is going to start her fourth cap set this weekend, if anybody has any requests as to what they would like suzy to get up to, all you have to do is post you know!

    How about getting up to some mischief yourselves?

    Suzy will happily cap any photo’s you have and ‘theme’ them anyway you like (via Mistress and with her consent obviously). Go on, be a devil. It’s the weekend!

    Well have a good one people, and remember that Smith’s song…

    Shyness is nice and
    Shyness can stop you
    From doing all the things in life
    You’d like to

    So, if there’s something you’d like to try
    If there’s something you’d like to try
    Ask me I wont say no, how could I?

    Suzy xxx

  19. Nikos says:

    hi im nikos and i just start knowing the Mistress Sabrina…believe me my friends i dont have known and spoke to a Woman like Her again in my life,i swear it..its something unbelievable for me and my life that belongs to Her anymore…she can convince me for anything that it is good for Her and after for me…i think that i was born for Mistress Sabrina and i ll do my best to prove Her that i can have the honor to be under Her divine feet and commands…
    She will be my life’s purpose to please Her ALWAYS…
    thanks God that i found my real Goddess of my life..
    she will feel proud of me..

    Always Your slave

    • Suzy says:

      Hi Nikos,

      Loved your post!

      From your words suzy can tell Mistress Sabrina has lit your fire as she did mine! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the blog, it’s great to see new posts, especially as suzy is a blabber mouth and has been hoping some other slaves would turn up with nice things to say about Mistress and have a chat about this mind blowing lady!

      Hope you keep posting Nikos,

      Suzy xxx

  20. jessica says:

    I am soon to be under the control of the wonderful Mistress Sabrina,
    I am keen to know what she has in store for me in my first week with me under her spell….and lock.
    Will she be cruel or kind?? I hope she looks after my key….the thought of release is already on my mind and the lock has not arrived yet.
    I’m sure a week will be enough torture to start with but the lore of this Lady is some what addictive as I keep coming back to her site to see her updates.
    I’m sure all you former men know what I mean, every time an email arrives the excitement starts but there’s no happy ending, not until Mistress says so.
    I promise I’ll post after a week and hope to make my Mistress proud.
    Jessica the slave x

    • Suzy says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Welcome to slavery! (and the blog of course…)

      Suzy shares your excitement every time she sees an email in her inbox with from Mistress, well it’s a mix of excitement and fear but it certainly produces adrenaline!

      While it’s up to Mistress (and to what lengths you go to please her) whether she is cruel or kind, Suzy can tell you she certainly will take care of both you and your key. i think i may have mentioned in the past somewhere, but what you hand over to Mistress, she really does treat as if it was hers, and it is!

      Mistress is many things, but for Suzy her true gift is to quickly and perceptively find a level of domination you can handle and then have you push those boundaries while pleasing Mistress (of course).

      Guilt, fear, shame, all that crap in your head stopping you from doing what you want to, they just go away and are replaced by a desire to make this lady pleased. Of course if fear, guilt and shame turn you on there can be plenty of that, but you get the idea.

      The bottom line is let go and enjoy the ride! Suzy certainly didn’t expect to become an internet photo slut when she began all this. (Thanks again for that Mistress!)

      For want of better words, there is a great freedom/liberation in being a slave for Mistress

      Anyway, Suzy is going to hold you to your promise Jessica, to post after a week (if you can hold out that long from praising the hard work this lady does!) and tell you now, you will be back for more before you know it!

      Suzy xxx

  21. john says:

    hi just applied for chastity contract with mistress sabrina looking forward to being locked up by a mistress who understands the sub male.I hope she will be as lenient with me as she was to paula just one month in chastity hope to soon be mistress sabrina slave john xxxx ps any more posts will be under a girls name of mistress chosing be that i will be a sissy girl by then?

  22. Suzy says:

    Mistress Needs photo Sluts!

    While not free yet, Suzy’s current adventures with Mistress Sabrina are coming to and end (well, if mistress decides such of course) so she has put together some tips and things she found out along the way for anyone brave enough to follow in her footsteps with photo stories for mistress and even hopefully out do her!

    Planing, planing, planing.

    Story board the shots in your head and remember, you don’t have to be naked to shoot some planning shots! Find out what angles flatter your assets. Just take loads of ‘normal’ photos in all the places you have available from different angles and then think how they would look when your in slut mode!. Suzy only had a small bedroom and shower to take hers in and they didn’t come out too bad!

    Your not being paid by the shot slut!

    Don’t be scared to go hog wild taking photos without reviewing every shot. For every photo that made it into one of suzy’s photo books for mistress, she took 7-10 shots of that position or scene and picked the best one. ‘Suzy’s last show’ was made from 60+ shots!

    Nothing works first time, but it’s no reason to get disheartened.

    More then once Suzy had to trash all the photo’s she had taken and start again. Suzy’s ‘shower scene’ photos just wouldn’t work until she tried them in sepia and made it a ‘dream sequence’.

    You really need to try natural light.

    Find out what time of day your ‘studio’ gets the most sunlight and plan the main shoot for then if you can. Natural light just makes the photo’s work and you end up getting all kinds of cool, unplanned effects with the light and shade.

    How to pose.

    Well first you have to relax and get in the mood. Have a shower/wash/shave and then Have a drink (of whatever floats your boat) and watch a little of your favourite erotica. Either now or in the planning stage go through a copy of playboy or some such and just pick a models pose you like and set the camera timer! remember, let go and
    take loads of snaps, one will more then likely be a beauty!

    No your limits!

    Not your slut limits of course!, just what will ‘limit’ the quality of your photo. For Suzy, EVERY shot that had her forearms in them made her look like she had shovels for hands (she does, but that’s not the point). She found out quick that her hands were ok in the shot, but she needed long gloves to camouflage the forearms or just keep them out of shot altogether. Everyone is different and there is no reason you cant ‘hide’ un-flattering parts with something extra slutty or just move your shot a little!

    clothes that fit/right size (or at least close)

    Suzy knows that not everyone shares her passion for (not so) forced femme and dressing up, but the principle remains the same. even a chastity cage that gives you a little extra room can ruin a shot. it’s hard to convince Mistress how turned on you are by her if there is half an inch of open space in the tube! (Not really possible under mistress’ control i know, but you get the idea….)

    If you are of Suzy’s ilk, then for god’s sake go online and find out how to measure your body and never buy clothes or underwear that falls outside those measurements. You will just end up binning them. Be practical with your selections…

    Anything open crotch looks good with a chastity belt or ‘free tackle’, but a CB6000 (short especially) does ‘tuck’ things away giving you a decent line in anything with a widish gusset.

    Tie side thongs and such are very size forgiving, you can get them to fit extra well.

    Concentrate on things for your ‘bottom’ half to start. Trust Suzy, a good shave of the legs and so forth, mixed with a well fitting suspender/stocking set and even you will believe your an irresistible slut for mistress.


    At least insist on having the right band size (you’ll find out when you go to get your measurements) and the closest matching cup. You will be VERY lucky to find your perfect size. Suzy is a 42a, and had to tear ebay apart to find two in a 42b. Just two! Go for well padded bras if you can find them in your size as they are the only ones that will give you ‘definition’.

    Try to avoid anything open cup, it sounds like a good idea but doesnt work that well as they are desinged in other ways to give ‘support’. Not having anything to support warps thier shape 😦

    Anyway, hope this helps/encourages somebody!


  23. joanne says:

    i have recently become one of Mistress Sabrinas slaves and had a personal visit from Mistress,i am not going to go into detail about the visit,i just want to say what a stunning lady Mistress Sabrina is, no slave anywhere could have a more beautiful Mistress to serve,a stunning,glamorous,goddess,i am proud to be Mistress Sabrinas slave.

  24. alan says:

    Finaly summoned up the courage to get myself properly locked up. I know its what I need, and I am happiest when securely locked up. Life is so much easier when I have no possibility whatsoever of even the slightest sexual stimulation or gratification. Looking forward to the click of Mistress Sabrinas lock.

  25. Sally says:

    Visited Mistress for the first time yesterday. She is imposing and beautiful and the website pictures do not do her justice in both looks and physical presence. Made me squirm! Without revealing details she certainly made me look and act like every inch the slut I like to be… Believe me, worth finding out for yourself… Thank you Mistress,

  26. joanne says:

    Mistress Sabrina is absolutely gorgeous,the most beautiful Mistress any slave could ever hope to serve,i worship her and i adore her to the point where i will obey any command that Mistress sees fit to give me.i thank Mistress from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be her slave.

  27. alan says:

    Mistress Sabrina delivered what she promised, and so much more ! Read me perfectly, and left me in no doubt that I would be punished much harder next time …

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